Are you a woman with a desire to find the wellness blueprint for vibrant energy and pure focus needed to show up and live out your dreams?  I am Meg Green, Registered Dietitian and Integrative and Functional Nutrition Certified Practitioner.  In my private practice, I guide ambitious women to balance hormones, support thyroid functions, revive metabolism, manage stress, and understand food choice balance to optimize health in a completely personalized way using functional nutrition analysis and time-honored traditions.  

Imagine this...

Imagine if you could wake up feeling refreshed with empowered thoughts and unshakable clarity to tackle your to-do lists and daily goals with thriving motivation?

Imagine if your hormones, mood, body, and mind were healthy, balanced, and created effortless energy and you accomplish the desired self-alignment you deserve? 

Imagine if your confidence shinned from within and brightened each thought and feeling and your abundance of life generated quality time and greeted the people you love?

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The Problem: How you might be approaching your health

You have been to multiple doctors and appointments only to be full of frustration after being told each time labs are normal, handed a different medication to use as a band-aid, and feeling it is all in your head.  

You have felt so bad for so long that giving from an empty cup is merely accepted due to burnout all while, “it is never been the right time” or “always waiting on extra money” is your debilitating mantra. 

You have tried everything from supplements, diets, drinks, and detoxes and after each time feeling very disappointed and losing faith in yourself. 

You honestly have no time to learn something new because you are already so busy doing daily tasks and helping others that you feel like you are drowning and can’t add one more thing.  

If this is you, Take a Breathe.  I am here to help put the missing pieces together.  

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What you can Expect 

We, women need and deserve more than 15 minutes with our providers to only be handed a prescription to renew our health.  The thyroid is connected to almost every process in the body and taking the time to understand it is vital.  Getting to the root cause of your symptoms deserves my full attention.  

A deep dive to explore your hormones, immune function, nutrient status, determine gut integrity, uncover toxic load, investigate triggers, release negative mindsets to find out exactly what your body needs and begin healing.  

Learn how to interpret your symptoms so you grow to trust your instinct through the information and instructions we create for your body to achieve wellness. 

Feel supported with a one on one partnership who can analyze information through a functional lens and understands and cares deeply for your inner fulfillment and transformation.  

Find Out What Others Are Saying


“Meg has been such a blessing to get to know.  Her passion for helping others maximize their health through nutrition is inspiring.”

- Logan

"After struggling for years to get my thyroid condition diagnosed, I wasn't surprised that managing it has also proved to be a challenge.  Working with Meg on my diet and supplements has really brought my symptoms under control and helped me see that food and supplements are just as essential to my health as medication.  Meg has recommended great meals that fuel my body and respect my vegetarian diet--and even my meat-eating husband enjoys them!"

- Hannah

"After years of feeling like I was running on empty despite my efforts for a balanced life, I connected with Meg with the promise of "It doesn't have to be like this!" Meg thoughtfully explored my medical history, my eating habits and lifestyle and introduced a practical and convenient wellness plan personalized to me. Her recipes are Instagram-worthy and delicious- and have me eager to get into the kitchen. Meg has been attentive and so encouraging as I've adjusted my lifestyle, introducing better eating and wellness habits. I feel lightyears better mentally and physically. In just a few months, the fog has lifted and I'm productive again, the headaches are gone, and I'm sleeping like a baby. I've even had people around me notice a difference. Feeling this good and knowing that we are just getting started is the best part! Thank you, Meg!"



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