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Meet Meg

Hi there!

I’ll be honest, I am a down to earth southern girl with a love for feeding the mind, body, and soul using food as medicine.  I grew up in a small community in Wynne, Arkansas.  All during my youth, my family would hop over the Mississippi River headed for fun in Memphis, Tennessee, and I would see St. Jude Children’s Hospital each trip.  I knew that is where I wanted to work.  After completing undergrad in Fayetteville, Arkansas, I moved to Memphis to accomplish my Dietetic Internship and Master’s program.  While there, I completed my graduate assistantship at St. Jude Children’s Hospital working with the Bone Marrow Transplant team.  I fell in love with an Arkansas boy and decided to make a home in Little Rock, Arkansas.  During my 12 years working at Arkansas Children’s Hospital, we started a family of our own. My husband was diagnosed with a congenital heart condition, and I quickly learned the importance of stress management and mental health.  I switched gears to focus on adult health and wellness while teaching farm to table cooking classes.  

When I am not working with clients and creating new wholesome, scrumptious recipes in my kitchen, I can be found playing with my son, painting with my daughter, spending time with my handsome husband, practicing yoga, paddle boarding, or reading a good book.  

Education and Credentials 


Bachelors of Science in Food, Nutrition, and Human Science, Emphasis in Dietetics from the University of Arkansas


Master’s Degree in Health and Sports Science, Emphasis in Clinical Nutrition from the University of Memphis 


Registered Dietitian by the Commission on Dietetic Registration


Certified Specialist in Pediatric Nutrition by the Commission on Dietetic Registration 2009-2020


Integrative and Functional Nutrition Certified Practitioner (IFNCP) 2020

I teach firecracker, ambitious women how to shatter the shell of complicity and create impeccable health.   It is my mission to help them uncover root causes while contributing tools  and support healing at the deepest level.  I am happiest showing others how food is medicine and the nutrients needed to thrive are at our fingertips.  I currently work with clients one on one by replacing the old ways of calorie counting and  restrictions by revitalizing with self-care, wholesome wellness, identifying personalized lifestyles that nourish our bodies.   

My Mission

How it started

You see, Meg Green RD was created, because I know what it is like to show up and show off while secretly running on fumes.  Constantly having thoughts run through your heard but not able to communicate one clear idea, dragging through the day all while being the queen of one hit wonders for energy fixes then lying in bed at night exhausted only to stay wide awake ruminating on the past failures and future disappointments all while knowing there are a few hours until this vicious cycle starts again. Yes, that was me, bloated, beaten down, and barely making it, and I will say I learned the lesson that listening to my gut is gold.  Being a dietitian, I knew something wasn’t right but had allow this to be my normal for so long.  I semi-committed to seek help, and found doctors were either not truly listening or not able to think outside standard protocols.  Finally, after stumbling on a nurse practitioner who applied functional methods diagnosed me with Hashiomotos disease, I decided to take my intuition, my 14 years of experience, and make ME a priority. The lesson I learned was empowering and my health, confidence, and ambitions were activated. 

I used my years of clinical and traditional knowledge as a guide all while being open to progressive practices with functional approaches to heal myself.  After becoming the only Integrative and Functional Nutrition Certified Practitioner in my state, my skills for wellness sharpened.  I revitalized my energy, nurtured my esteem, polished my self-worth, and brightened my livelihood all while decreasing medications, reducing stress, registering deep sleep and rest, moving, toning, and reshaping my body, and eating seriously delicious, yummy food.  

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